TERREWALKS® are modular interconnected paving tiles. They are manufactured of 100% recycled plastic, molded under compression. Each paver measures 2' x 2.5' x 1.75", and weighs approx. 25 lbs.

Pavers are a grey beige concrete color, and have a nonslip, sound reducing surface. They are are very resistant to salt/chloride, magnesium chloride, UV light, impact, and freeze/thaw damage. Maintenance options include sweeping, hose-down, mop, or steam cleaning. 

Pavers are interconnected with 1.5" tabs on all sides, and can be opened by professional contractors for tree root maintenance, utilities access, seismic adjustment, relocation, etc. TERREWALKS® contribute to LEED© and SITES™ certification in areas of recycled content, storm water drainage, heat island effect, innovative design, and regional materials.
100% recycled plastic
Each paver measures 2' x 2.5' x 1.75", and weighs approx. 25 lbs
Pavers are a grey beige concrete color
Pavers have a nonslip, sound reducing surface
Resistant to salt/chloride, UV light, impact, and freeze/thaw damage
Pavers are interconnected with 1.5" tabs on all sides


Urban Forestry

TERREWALKS® is uniquely suited for use in urban forestry and greenspace creation. The use of 100% recycled materials, a low carbon footprint manufacturing process, and low maintenance costs are just the beginning. 

With a reduced effect on surrounding microclimates, better storm water and erosion management, and qualification for LEED and LID requirements, every aspect of TERREWALKS® follows the spirit of greenspace creation, enhancing the user experience and giving them peace of mind. 

Whether you need pathways, rest areas, or larger special use spaces, TERREWALKS® is the logical choice for reclaimed or newly created urban forestry and greenspace projects.

A Better

Stormwater Solution

TERREWALKS® pavers direct stormwater to the joints, which are created with interlocking tabs without filler materials. Water then flows into the 2.3 gallon reservoir on the underside of each paver.

As storm water drains away, it is filtered twice, first as it passes through a non woven pervious geotextile fabric, and again as it drains through a permeable aggregate road base and into the soil below.

The Effect of

Recycled Materials

TERREWALKS® panels are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic, and are LEED and LID qualified. Each panel is molded with a low carbon footprint process.

Panels deemed to be unusable while in production will be 100% recycled into a newly manufactured product, eliminating the need for any TERREWALKS® panel to ever be incinerated or put into a landfill.